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Want Ink? Generate Media Interest with Newsworthy Statistics

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Surveys and polls have always imparted an air of factual information borne out by research. That's why businesses love to use them - to make a point that will help promote a product or service.

        -- The New York Times

Clientize helps savvy PR firms design, launch and manage a targeted survey. It's a proven technique to generate press coverage.

Achieve greater success in your PR campaigns:

  • Position your client as a credible market leader
  • Tell your story with charts and graphs
  • Acquire exclusive rights to proprietary findings
Clientize full service includes:
  • Survey strategies
  • Media partner development
  • Question formulation
  • Technical implementation
  • Secure data management
  • Response analysis
  • Executive reports for distribution


The Clientize Advantage:
We handle all the technical work and data analysis so you can focus on getting media coverage.


See some of our examples:

  • Business Wire - Convergence Study
  • Green survey

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