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Clientize Customer Relationship Marketing Services

Unlock Hidden Profits in your Customer Database

Want more customers like your best customers? Clientize can help you find them!

Clientize works with you to create and implement a strategic Customer Relationship Marketing program that generates greater sales and profitability. We use an action-oriented approach that encompasses the best learning from leading industry strategists.

Clientize Delivers a Comprehensive 5-Step CRM Solution
  1. Identify current practices with the Clientize CRM Checklist
  2. Profile and prioritize customers to maximize sales
  3. Communicate to increase customer retention and loyalty
  4. Measure satisfaction to understand customer priorities
  5. Implement and monitor a targeted CRM program
You'll Build Profitability with Stronger Customer Relationship
  • Create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Watch customer loyalty drive repeat sales
  • Increase response rates with more focused promotions
  • Grow average order size and frequency of purchase
We offer a FREE 60-minute consultation to understand your unique Customer Relationship Marketing goals and challenges. Simply call 1-866-799-0200 toll free or click here to arrange an appointment.

Clientize takes a hands-on approach to understanding your critical customer challenges. We start with your sales goals to create a unique program that provides insight into your customer demographics, purchasing patterns, loyalty ratings and satisfaction metrics. You'll get measurable results in the form of greater sales and profitability. Specially designed for etailers, catalogers, loyalty programs and marketers.

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