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Unlock Hidden Profits in Your Customer File with
Clientize Database Marketing

Clientize will help you target your customers by using analytic profiling!

Clientize applies proven database marketing techniques to help you generate new sales, increase customer retention and grow profitability. Whether your customer file has hundreds or thousands of records, we can fine tune performance for bottom line results.

You can choose from:

  • Demographic and lifestyle data to append to your customer file
  • A customer profile analysis to benchmark purchase characteristics
  • Campaign analysis to measure success rates
  • Email addresses to append to customer records
  • Online surveys for reliable user-reported data and feedback
  You'll enjoy the benefits of Clientize database marketing:
  • Increase your marketing efficiency
  • Expand into new geographic or product areas
  • React quickly to trends
  • Develop a competitive advantage
Most small to mid-sized businesses donít have the resources to maintain a database expert in-house. Thatís where Clientize comes in. We work on a project or retainer basis. You get results previously available only to large database marketers. Weíll run your file against leading national consumer files to append the latest demographic and lifestyle data elements. Call us today to discuss your needs or send us an email now.

Donít delay Ö youíre paying an opportunity cost every day that passes without maximum use of the significant corporate assets locked inside your customer database! Find out how affordable database optimization can be.
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