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What does clientize mean?
To clientize your business is to reach out to your customers, prospects and partners to build better relationships with your marketplace. When you use this information effectively to increase sales, your business has become 'clientized.'

Why do I need to clientize?
To increase revenue and profitability. That's the bottom line! Research shows that a 5% increase in customer retention yields a profit increase, in net present value terms, of between 20% and 125%.

How do I start to clientize my business?
Call us toll free at 561.417.5533 for a FREE consultation. We are available during business hours, Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 6 :00 PM (Eastern Time) or by appointment. During your consultation, tell us about your business and the customer knowledge that you need to increase sales and achieve your business goals. We'll give you some ideas to meet your objectives. There is no obligation.

What if I do not have marketing experience?
We work closely with you. Regardless of your company size or your experience, we share our online marketing expertise to create the right set of online techniques. We build customer relationships for you through quality surveys, customer profiles and email campaigns. We generate reports and analyze results for you, giving you the metrics you need to make better business decisions.

We can either supplement your existing staff or fill a need when you don't have the necessary full-time staff members. You get speed-to-market without the risk of adding permanent overhead or making costly investments.

What are the benefits of using the Internet to build customer relationships?

  • Speed-to-market through rapid development and deployment
  • Lower cost by eliminating paper and postage
  • Higher data quality by eliminating re-keying
  • Your in-house resources maintain focus on long-range projects
  • No survey software to download
  • Surveys are available 24/7/365

How do Clientize online services relate to my off-line marketing programs?
Clientize leverages your existing brand. Adding an online component to your off-line marketing efforts is very effective to develop an interactive presence. It's also a very useful way to measure response behavior. For example, many of our clients who publish a print newsletter every month have started to distribute on online version as well via email.

You can also suggest that recipients of a direct mail campaign go to a special URL (that we can host) to enter a sweepstakes or contest. This allows you to measure response rates and build a permissioned email database at the same time.

How are Clientize services different from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software?
If you don't have a CRM solution, Clientize offers a great way to start building customer relationships. If you do use a CRM package, consider the Clientize services as a value-add to your existing system. Data gathered from Clientize surveys can be added to your CRM software to enhance existing customer records.

How does Clientize compare to online survey companies?
We have expertise in question formulation, business goal determination, advanced data collection, data analysis and the many other best practices that make a customer relationship project successful. Additionally, your data is not commingled with our other clients.  Your data resides in a directory devoted to your company. We support your integrated marketing efforts.


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Why can't I develop my own CRM project myself?
Clientize is a hands-on company. We use our expertise to ensure that you will get responses and reactions that meet your business goals.

How does the Clientize process work?
After we identify and agree upon your project goals, Clientize details your project in a Microsoft Word document that can be easily modified. Once the document is approved, we migrate your customer knowledge project into HTML format for the web and we assign a project URL. The URL is unique to your project and no other company shares it. For a survey or profile form, after you approve the project in web format, we connect the questions and responses to a unique database used only for your project. Once connected, we can begin to capture responses.

How will my project look?
We can display your project in a full web page or a custom-sized popup window. We also offer multiple web page formats. Your branding, logos, colors and fonts are used to maximize your branding.

Every survey or form we create will have a companion 'Thank You' page that displays after your respondent clicks 'Submit.' This confirms that responses submitted have been captured in our database.

What are the different types of question responses for a customer survey project?
There are 7 basic types of response styles. Clientize works with you to discern which type to use for each of your questions:

  • Text Box - this allows numbers and characters to be entered into the form. Think of how you type in your name on a contest entry form.
  • Scrolling Text Box - this allows multiple lines of text to be submitted. Think of submitting full sentences into a form when you evaluate a product.
  • Multiple Choice - this is a radio button display and allows only one choice among several. Think of choosing Yes, No or Maybe when asked if you would like to go backpacking.
  • Dropdown List Box - this is a text box that can conveniently display multiple selections in list format. Think of how you would select the state you live in.
  • Check Boxes - this allows multiple responses to one question. Think of the way you would check off all the flavors of ice cream you enjoy.
  • Matrix Scale - this allows a rating on a scale that we believe most beneficial to meeting your survey goals. Think of how you would rate a customer service center ranging from Not Responsive to Somewhat Responsive to Very Responsive.
  • Ranking - this allows a scaled sequence of responses, for example, 'Pick the top three reasons...'

What are the question attributes that Clientize supports?
For each question, we can apply the following:
  • Make the question required. Think of requiring a postal address for a product sample offer.
  • Validate the response. Think of validating an email address.
  • Stipulate the response characters. Think of requiring numbers only when asking for 'Number of People in Your Household.'
  • Reduce duplicate responses. We can place a 'cookie' - a bit of information - on your respondent's PC to prevent multiple responses by the same person.

How long does it take to develop a customer relationship project or eNewsletter?
Clientize can usually start a project within 24-48 hours of authorization. A small project can be launched in as few as 1-3 days. A larger assignment may take 2-3 weeks or more. Some projects are designed to run for a set period of time, like a benchmark customer satisfaction survey that may be open for 4-6 weeks. Other projects, like an online guest comment card or shopping cart survey, could be ongoing to continuously capture feedback.


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How do my customers and prospects access my Clientize project?
We give you a URL that is unique to your project. You can put this URL on your website or in an email. Because Clientize hosts your project, access is available 24/7/365. Regardless of how you distribute the URL, all response data goes into your same database.

How do I get people to respond to a survey?
A typical project usually involves a defined universe -- your customers, resellers, employees or similar group. This means that the survey invitation is announced to all members of your select group. In some cases we recommend that you partner with an outside organization, like a trade association or magazine, to achieve a wider distribution channel from a well-regarded name. We've experienced crowd-sourcing as an excellent social media opportunity to identify respondents.

Does Clientize use third-party email lists?
We recommend that you build your in-house email list for maximum effectiveness. There may be times when you need to rent a list, but you will likely find that it is delivers a lower response rate. Clientize can offer a number of ideas on how to build your house list, like the use of online viral contests, website signups and trade shows.

Does Clientize maintain an online panel of people who agree to respond to a survey?
No. Our work tends to focus on customers, resellers or others with whom you have an existing relationship. For that reason we don't need to maintain panels of project respondents who are not familiar with your company or service.

What if my customers aren't on the Internet?
You can elicit responses by fax, phone or postal mail. You or your staff can enter these responses into your customer survey. That way, all responses received can be tallied together. The more respondents who can use the Internet, the more time and money you save. You also get higher quality data by minimizing re-keying errors.

Can Clientize distribute my URL for me?
Yes. Clientize utilizes email messaging software that can distribute your message or eNewsletter from a handful to tens of thousands of email addresses. Our broadcast email pricing is volume-based.


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How do I get my report?
You will receive your data in a report format that best meets your needs:
  • MS Word - with charts, tables and graphs to display response analysis. We usually convert the document into PDF format for internal distribution.
  • MS PowerPoint - customization of the Word document to support your presentation requirements to your team and management
  • MS Excel - the raw data belongs to you. You can import the raw data for your own analysis into SPSS, MS Access, SQL or other database management software

When do I get my report?
Your report is generated at the conclusion of the project, or at interim times as pre-defined. Clientize suggests that business decisions be made after analysis of all possible responses is completed or after the data collection form has expired.

What happens when my survey is over?
You simply remove your link from your website. If the URL is clicked on, your late respondent will see our Expiration Page advising that the project is over.

Does Clientize eliminate duplicate records?
Yes. We can remove exact duplicate submissions or remove duplicates based on your business rules, for example: "Keep the most current record of all exact duplicate when the First Name, Last Name and Email Address are the same."


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Where is my data?
Clientize stores your data on our server located with Ark Data Center in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Your data is safe and secure behind our network security and Cisco firewall.

Who can see or use my data?
Clientize and Ark Data Center have strict privacy policies in place. Your data is yours. It will not be given to or used by others without your written permission. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Can my project responses be 'snagged' by hackers and lurkers?
Clientize offers Verisign's SSL (Secure Socket Layer). When we implement this, you will see a small padlock on your browser bar or browser tray. The padlock means that your respondent's information is only sent when your survey URL recognizes a 'handshake' with the Clientize server.

Which browsers does Clientize you support?
Clientize does acceptance testing with the most current two versions of each of the major browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and America Online.

Does Clientize store my data?
Our servers and our Microsoft SQL Server software can store millions of records. When we finish your survey, we can delete your file, archive it to a CD, or continue to store it on our secure server based on your future requirements. Storage rates may apply.

Do I need to install any software?
No. This is a primary benefit of using Clientize. We create and host your customer knowledge project, capture responses and generate pre-defined reports to you. Leave the technology to us!

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