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Clientize Health Care Marketing Delivers Healthy Sales

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The U.S. health care market touches people of all ages, from babies to senior citizens. According to the OECD, Americans spent on average $8,223 per person on their healthcare.

Clientize Healthcare Marketing for Hospitals, Clinics and Physicians! Reach Health Care Professionals

Clientize helps health care marketers reach doctors, hospitals, clinics and health care professionals online. We understand your special needs to educate, measure satisfaction ratings and monitor compliance requirements.

   Create brand leadership for your health care facility
   Survey patients, doctors and health care workers for satisfaction levels
   Reach new patient and funding prospects
   Share health tips and facility news in a monthly newsletter

Clientize Healthcare Marketing for Hospitals, Clinics and Physicians! Go "Direct to Consumer" with Clientize Health Care Marketing

Send targeted messages to your select audience. Clientize will help you segment your market for maximum response rates. Our campaigns are ideally suited for:

   Drug promotions and pharmaceutical education
   Insurance carrier health and wellness programs
   Beauty aids, plastic surgery or dermatology
   Nutraceutical campaigns for healthy living
   Diet plans, health spas, fitness programs or nutritional counseling

You'll reach your health care market quickly and effectively with Clientize target marketing.
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Most projects can launch within 10 business days, giving you professional service with fast turnaround.

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