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06-24-03 TEKgroup and Clientize Announce a Co-marketing Agreement Targeting PR Professionals

04-01-03 Create Surveys That Get The Press Calling
(PRSA Tactics)

06-04-03 The PR Survey Observer™ Keeps PR and Marketing Professionals Abreast of Latest Opinion and Attitude Polling Techniques

05-23-02 Tips for making your e-mail marketing stand out (Sun-Sentinel)
03-31-03 Clientize Announces Partnership wtih Acxiom Corporation

04-29-02 8 Tips to Improve Online Surveys
(Newsletter & Electronic Publishing Association)
03-11-03 Clientize and Random Access Partner
to Serve eCommerce Market

10-2001 Ask Them If They Like You
(Smart Business)

06-11-02 Clientize Completes Reader Survey for
Create Magazine

08-29-01 Online Ads Find E-Newsletters Deliver Target Market (Investor's Business Daily)

04-29-02 Clientize Completes Customer Satisfaction Survey for CyberGuard Corporation 08-06-01 How Support Groups Spurred the Growth of a High-Tech Community in South Florida (Sun-Sentinel)

03-19-02 Business Wire Announces Survey Results on the Consolidation of Communications in IR and PR

07-13-01 Internet Ads Reach New Heights
(South Florida Business Journal)

04-02-01 Clientize-Folio: 500 E-Newsletter Study Finds Ad Clickthroughs of 5% for Magazines
Fall 2000 The Grisdela Perspective: InternetCoast Tech-Leaders Profile (In Focus Interactive)

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08-14-00 Supplying the Dot-Coms (Sun-Sentinel)

04-16-00 Helping Bridge a Gender Gap in High Tech

08-27-99 Practical Ways to Generate Return$ from your Web Site (South Florida Business Journal)

04-23-99 Protecting Your Business in Cyberspace
(South Florida Business Journal)

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