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Market Segmentation finds the "Sweet Spot" in your Market

Clientize Healthcare Marketing for Hospitals, Clinics and Physicians!Market segmentation is the process of separating customers into similar clusters. As a marketer, you need to understand the profiles that prompt customers to purchase your product. This will help you target new prospects more effectively.

Market segmentation methods include:

   Demographics: age, gender, family, education, income
   Geography: city, state, region, country
   Behavior: usage, product knowledge, purchase reasons
   Psychographic: lifestyle, values, personal preferences
   Business factors: size, location, industry, age

Clientize can assist you with market segmentation using one or all of three methodologies:

  1. Analyze your customer file to identify common characteristics

  2. Find the "sweet spot" for your product or service by comparing your customer file to a leading, national consumer database

  3. Survey existing customers to gather primary feedback on why they purchased your product and their online shopping experience CLICK HERE to see our sample survey.

Market segmentation can be achieved quickly and affordably.
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